Dining & Festival

 Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant – Situated along Manalo Extension in Puerto Princesa City, Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant serves nothing but the finest Filipino delicacies in the country. Inside this wonderfully designed establishment, its customers can really feel a local setting with a cheerful and casual environment. In addition, the cozy feel inside the place makes it perfect for family days, food-trips, and even romantic dates. The average prices for its different exemplary dishes range from 100 to 200 pesos, including in-house specialties Sinigang na Tanigue and Calamares. At to that, this Puerto Princesa restaurant also serves refreshing fruit shakes for only 35 pesos each.

KINABUCH RESTAURANTKinabuch Bar and Grill is also a fine place to drink and spend time with your friends and love ones. Played pop music in the background is also relaxing. The place has a good and extra fast service.  Aside from Crispy Pata, Kinabuch also serves Laing, the grilled pusit (squid), large grilled blue marlin steak, baked Tahong, sinigang na hipon, Pansit and exotic delicacy like Tamilok, a wood worm and a lot more.

  The setting is like any typical drinking place in Manila with an open air, while parking is the only problem, since most people are driven to dine at this place because of delicious foods at a lower price – P300.00 per head is enough to fill your empty stomach with a blast. So, if you plan to eat at Kinabuch, be sure to come early or have your reservations when you have a car.

KALUI RESTAURANT – Is the most famous restaurant in Puerto Princesa. It is a must visit place among tourists. Your tour in Palawan wouldn’t be complete if you haven’t visit this place. Kalui provides the best customer service. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by their friendly staff. Kalui Restaurant is made of native wooden house. Its floor is clean and well-polished, you wouldn’t mind to walk barefoot because every footwear should be left before entering the restaurant. Your footwear will be placed in small lockers. They offer a wide variety of menu which depends on the fresh catch of the day. Everything on the menu are seafoods and vegetables which includes sashimi, tempura, shellfish soup, sinigang, baked mussel and many more 


 Viet Ville Restaurant  Home of the “Boat People who first came here in 1979. These Vietnamese asylum seekers lived normal lives and has since brought to Puerto Princesa the flavor of Vietnamese cuisine. Located at Brgy. Sta. Lourdes, 30-45 mins drive by tricycle or jeepney.


               BARAGATAN SA PALAWAN – The Feast of the Forest is not the only festival celebrated during the same week. Puerto      Princesa also celebrates the Baragatan Sa Palawan which commemorates the foundation of Palawan’s first civil government. The people of Palawan all come together to celebrate their province’s culture, heritage and history. The highlights of this festival include trade fair, food fair and street dancing. The municipalities of Palawan including Puerto Princesa compete against each in street dancing. All municipalities send in their contestants for the Ms. Palawan beauty contest as well.



 BALAYONG FESTIVAL -The first festival is the Balayong Festival which is celebrated every 4th of March. This celebration commemorates the founding anniversary of Puerto Princesa. The highlight of this festival is the planting of the Balayong tree. Like other Puerto Princesa festivals, this event is marked with street dancing, contests and parades. The floats are covered with flowers to signify the island’s cherry blossom. This festival runs for a week and ends with an awarding ceremony.



PANGALIPAY SA BAYBAY – After the Balayong Festival, the people of Puerto Princesa will then celebrate Pangalipay sa Baybay in the first week of April. This is a huge summer extravaganza which is celebrated along the bay walk area. This festival is kicked off by various activities. A huge parade will then follow. One of the highlights of this festival is the fireworks display. Similar to other Puerto Princesa festivals, this celebration includes street dancing and dance competitions. The cheer dance and summer danzslam competition can get pretty heated. Other competitions include singing competition and swim wear competition. 







By the First week of May, the province will celebrate the Karagatan Festival, This is one the the many Puerto Princesa festival that are held in the beaches of the city. This is a four- day which includes various activities like beach volleyball, sand sculptures, boat sailing, kite flying, banca rase, mountain trekking, football, tug-of-was, film showing and this is eventually capped by a huge party and a bikini competition





FEAST OF THE FOREST- By the third week of June, the poeple of Puerto Princesa celebrates the Feast of the Forest. People from all walks of life gather to plans thousands of trees in some of the denunded forest areas. Aside from the tree planting acitivity, you can also enjoy an eco-camping experience and you can also join various contests. At night, you can watch various environmental artist perform.



City Festival and Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary –One of the biggest Puerto Princesa festivals is its actual city fiesta which is celebrated every December 8. This is also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. This is actually a month-long celebration which starts with religious activities on the first week of December. It continues until the end of the Christmas season.











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